6 Food Truck Marketing Strategies

Foodie Pic

The easiest and possibly the best way to promote your food truck is photos of your food. To get started you can use your mobile device to snap a close-up shot. Make sure to plate it for a wow factor. Let’s be honest who doesn’t like a good food selfies. It’s even better if you can get your food truck patrons to post a food selfie to their network. More on that under patron engagement.

Social Media

Everyone knows the staggering amount of time we spend on social media so it’s no surprise that you need to make sure that your food truck has a strong presence. When we are working with new food truck owners we always ask if they have confirmed that their desired truck name is available (the URL, Facebook, and Instagram handles). Use Facebook live to tell everyone about your current location and specials and Instagram to showcase your culinary masterpiece. When taking pictures of your food it’s got to be close. Given how easy content uploading has become to social media outlets this is a great way to keep pushing out new content about your mobile food truck.

Loyalty Applications

Digital food applications are one of the quickest ways to build a patron email list and launch your loyalty programs. When a patron signs up for your app loyalty program they are encouraged to return and reminded of your brand. These programs entice your foodies to visit your locations through the week and rewards them with discounted or free food. Your will find many loyalty applications out there but here are a few:

  • App Card www.appcard.com
  • PayTronix www.Paytronix.com
  • LevelUp www.thelevelup.com
  • Belly www.bellycard.com

And you could always go old school with a paper punch card.

Local Business Listings

You can never set up to many local business listings but you must make sure your Google and Yelp profiles are complete. Makes sure that you put in the exact same information across all LBL listings (example if your commissary address I located on 123 main street make sure spell out street on every profile). Google in particular looks for business name, phone number and street address uniformity across all of your food truck LBL’s.

Brand Mentions

You need to know what is being said about your brand in real time. You can set up a Google alert for your food truck’s name so that when it gets mentioned you get a heads up. If it’s a good post you can draw attention to it and if it’s bad try to take the conversation off line.

Cards in a Bowl Giveaway

We will round out the food truck marketing strategies with this gem of a campaign. Get a jar, bowl… pretty much anything that is a clear container and ask your customers to drop their business cards in it and post a weekly winner. This will not only be a way to generate and email list but it also can help grow your catering business by getting contacts within the business near your lunch and dinner stops.

We will be happy to help your food truck or concession trailer business grow. Contact Us today for more food truck marketing strategies