Our Proven Vehicle Wrap Process

  1. Pick a Vehicle to Wrap
    So your business has grown and you need a new vehicle. Don’t buy just any vehicle. You want to consider the base color of the truck or car. If you want to save money by installing a partial wrap but the base color of your vehicle doesn’t go with the color scheme of your logo then the only option is to do a full truck or car wrap. If you are having trouble picking out a vehicle color that will go with your brand colors give us a call and we can help.
  2. Vehicle Wrap Design
    Don’t ever short change the wrap design process. This piece of our proven wrap process will ensure that once the vinyl is installed you get the marketing impact you are looking for. With every wrap design we focus on telling the audience who you are and why they should care. It’s this lens that gives our vehicle wrap designers a competitive edge. We only have 5 seconds to make a memorable impression so less is always more when it comes to clean wrap design. With our 20+ years industry experience we know what will work.
  3. Wrap Printing
    We have the latest latex HP 360 wide format printers that give sharp color contrast that make your vehicle wrap print jump of the vinyl. This allows for our 3D vehicle wrap to really jump out. As with any mechanical device routine maintenance is key. We regularly calibrate the wrap printers along with downloading the latest software updates. We only use premium HP ink to print our vehicle wraps and it shows with crisp vibrant colors that stand out. Printed vehicle wraps are only as good as the material they are printed on. We only use top of the line products from 3M. This material offers a 5+ year street life and ensures that you get a good ROI on your vehicle wrap.
  4. Vehicle Wrap installation
    You can have the best vehicle wrap design and the most vibrant print in the world but if it is not installed correctly then it’s only a matter of time before the wrap starts to peel. We start by doing a deep clean on the vehicle, then remove any body badges and lights that we can. Then we do another wipe down to ensure that no dust gets between the vehicle and your new wrap. Our vehicle wrap installers can stick vinyl on anything from a car, truck, boat, to a bus. If it has a smooth surface we can wrap it. So no matter if you are looking for cut vinyl installation, partial / full wrap to a large corporate fleet wrap over multiple locations our installers have you covered.